Fractal Mode Time aka Spirit Hood Project
This world,

no matter how much I try and find the beauty of it all, there is always something obscene that tatters the complete image of glory. It honestly hurts to see people oppress people who actually want to make a change for this world, for the betterment of the people. But all people see is the small picture. They don’t see how their changes could have helped their children and the generations of people to come. Take Martin Luther King Jr. for instance or Mahatma Gandhi. All these people wanted was the freedom to live, to eradicate racism, to have the rights to live a better life, to be treated equally but just because a bunch of people (by that, I mean “millions”) didn’t agree to it because it didn’t fit their ideology of living, they were shot down. That hurts, that hurts so much. Of course, India still suffers today because Gandhi accepted the partitioning of India and that’s why we have Pakistan and ever since, they are considered political enemies. The soils of India and Pakistan have soaked up blood and for what? Sure, Gandhi wasn’t perfect but damn it, he was better than all of us.
This post isn’t about politics. It’s about the human race. It’s about how it is so incredibly disturbing that people don’t wish to believe in another person who is actually making it their life to make the world better, not for their benefits but for us, all because they feel it isn’t right.
Humanity is dying and for the people who yearn for it, they feel the handle on their backs, hoping one day someone will pull out the blunt knife that has stabbed them. Humanity is dying and yet, our good conscience tells us that there are a few people who are willing to continue fighting, to light up patriotism, not for their countries, but for the world itself. More people will continue fighting, more blood will be shed but more hearts will unite, maybe not even in this century but it will happen, when humans will finally realize that we’re all the same. At the end of it all, we’re all brothers and sisters and something as trivial as races, color, culture, religion, ideologies, countries, money and even the land that was given freely to us and yet we pay for, will be overlooked. The days of reckoning are slowly approaching and when it happens, everything will be beautiful again.

— Spirit Hood
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